Location Scouting

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Are you looking for a small creek with a flower meadow, a small chapel with mountains and lake in the background, a mysterious gorge with a waterfall or would you like a slightly different view of Neuschwanstein Castle? No Problem:

Location Scouting has been one of my main tasks for Füssen Tourismus and Tourist Information Schwangau. I am also booked directly by TV stations such as SWR, SR, BR and WDR to find the right locations for the respective programs and to accompany the teams without wasting time. My home, the region around Neuschwanstein Castle with rugged mountains, hills, lakes is suitable for various sceneries.

References: My cooperation among other things for:

  • „Die schönsten Hits der Deutschen“ from WDR/HR/ARD
  • „Unkraut“ from BR
  • „Drei-Schlösser-Wanderung“ from BR
  • „Reiselust“ from ZDF
  • „Rucksack“ from MDR
  • „Ludwig II. Tod des Märchenkönigs“ from Utopia Film
  • „Euromaxx on Tour“ from n-tv
  • „Wunderschön“ from WDR

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